In the universe of Cool Jellybeans!, neighborhood pals wield the power of STEAMIE for good and to defend themselves from menacing creatures.

STEAMIE is one of many kids' super powers or                          , as it's called in the Town of Jellybean.

Jelly Powers

STEAMIE stands for science, technology, engineering, 

art, math, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Town Of Jellybean

The Town of Jellybean is the beloved home to a society of kids, beans, critters, and crawlers alike.  It’s a mystical place far away and nearby, even in augmented reality space. Clouds dance above, kids and jellybeans hack and tinker below.

The town is made up of a group of islands that together form the shape of a bean. Each island is a borough named after each subject of STEAMIE.  

Town of Jellybean

Game development is an iterative process.



Town of Jellybean's Lullaby, composed by Kade Jones (KJee Music)

Kid-Made Gadgets

A notification is delivered to an ordinary looking smartwatch. Time is noted. With a tap, the gizmo opens a portal to the alternate dimension of The Town of Jellybean—The Software Architecture.

Only a few of the town's kids own this extraordinary smartwatch for battle with cyber creatures, programming bugs, and nasty viruses.  They are known as the Jelly Watchers. 

One of the kid-made gadgets is this special smartwatch that appears ordinary.

Entering the Software Architecture, composed by Kade Jones (KJee Music)

Jelly Watchers

Jelly Watchers watch over the Town of Jellybean. When they are faced with danger, the Jelly Watchers quick draw from the hip high-tech, kid-made gadgets like special smartchwatches.

Meet   the Jellies

Jelly: A person or creature from the Town of Jellybean. The main groups of Jellies are Jellybeans, Monster Colors, and various Frienemies.


 The             Jellybean Crew are the mentors of Jelly Watchers. There are also more wacky beans. The original founders of the Town of Jellybean were beans.




Monster Colors lift the mood of people and places.  They are friendly and mighty. These colorful critters smile in their own way. Their smiles are simply different. Monster Colors' powers are splash, splat, stain, color bomb, and canon ball.  

Monster Colors belong to the species of color crawlers that dwell in the Art Borough.  There are five different kinds of color crawlers: primary, secondary, neutral, cool, and warm.


  Troublesome critters play tricks, making more shenanigans within the town’s alternate dimension.