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Our Mission

Cool Jellybeans!’s mission is to shape Generation Alpha into masters of technology.

Mission Focus

• Digital citizenship

• Technological citizenship

• Exercising privacy and tech security practices

• Having a healthy relationship with technology

Using technology appropriately, safely, and in healthier ways is an important part of mastery. These are crucial points that are often considered. We also believe that there is an additional skill that is not often emphasized:

• Creating and inventing technology in lean intra-/entrepreneurial and

ethical manners

Our Approach to Support

Early STEAMIE Learning

• To promote the wholeness of the child by focusing on the whole of the child

As important as STEAMIE is, it will take a backseat in a child’s life if their basic needs aren’t met (e.g. going hungry or doesn’t feel safe).

Our Philosophy

Kids innately have STEAMIE abilities or powers. We don’t ‘empower’ kids with STEAMIE because we can’t give them what they already have. Instead, we draw out their super powers.

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