Cool Jellybeans! Stem Oases
Cool Jellybeans!

Cool Jellybeans! Stem Oases

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Schools that lack access to high quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education are known as

STEM deserts.

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Just as a desert has an oasis, we are creating STEAMIE (STEM + art, innovation, and entrepreneurship) oases at kid-friendly spaces with our platform.


We want to create tech that’s consumed in a safe and healthy way by kids. 

We're Cool Jellybeans!  

At Cool Jellybeans!, we shape Generation Alpha into masters of technology who use, develop, and invent tech in ways that are appropriate, safe, healthy, and ethical.

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Sleep deprivation among children is now recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a public health epidemic. The improper use of tech gadgets is one of the biggest reasons for “screenagers” not sleeping well. There are correlations between sleeping and school success, and sleeping and STEM achievement.


We've written the upcoming children’s picture book called Cool Jellybeans! Changes for Better Sleep that helps kids adopt healthy habits around tech. This is the first book in our series, Healthy Relationships with Technology. It's edited by Jennifer Rees, a premiere children's book editor of award-winning titles, including The Hunger Games series. 

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