Woodrow Wilson, Mill Creek, and RoseCrest Elementary Schools
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We're Cool Jellybeans!  We draw out kids' STEAMIE (STEM + art, innovation, and entrepreneurship) super powers with our omnichannel edutainment platform.   


Playful Learning Channels:

The platform is made up of playful learning channels. 

Children may start at any channel. They linearly progress, learning a STEAMIE topic in depth.


The three playful learning channels:

1-Offline STEAMIE activities in the form of printables: 

Cool Jellybeans! Paper Programming

Algorithmic Coloring, STEM Rocks! and QA STEM Rocks! earned a STEM.org Authenticated "Trustmark" from STEM.org. 


2- A cartoon (in development) that's STEM Reviewed by STEM.org.  

Cool Jellybeans! Cartoon

3- Augmented reality (AR) mini-games where kids engage in playful STEAMIE challenges (playable patent-pending prototype): 

Cool Jellybeans! Games


The Entire Platform:

Children may hopscotch between the playful learning channels, learning the same STEAMIE topic in greater expertise.  

Cool Jellybeans! Mission

Promote the wholeness of a child by focusing on the whole of the child.

The Problem/Solution

Schools that lack access to high quality STEM education are known as STEM deserts. Just as a desert  has an oasis, we are creating STEM or STEAMIE oasis at kid friendly spaces with our platform.




Cote d'Ivoire in West Africa

Cool Jellybeans! School Outreach



Tiered World Studios develops diverse playful experiences for diverse audiences. 

The world is built in tiers—real life, XR spaces, cyberspace, social media. We believe gaming is a way to make compelling connections within the home, businesses, and the world around.

Studio Culture
We build games and each other up.

The world is your video game.

Tiered World Studios (TW) grew out of a team of graduate students cross-disciplined in Entertainment Arts and Engineering, Computer Science and Electronic Engineering from the University of Utah. We’ve been working together for three years exploring many different kinds of gaming projects.



Placed Top 10 in Google's competition Infinite Deviation; placed Top 25 in Echoing Green Fellowship; placed in Bench to Bedside, a medical innovation competition, for Navitas that was later renamed Xcadation; and, won two awards at the Games4Health for Best Prototype and Most Innovative for Navitas that was later renamed Xcadation. 


Meet The Team


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Chief Executive Office

Siddardha Vangala

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Chief Technology Officer

Ozum Yuksel Riehm

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Chief Art Director

Abhishek Verma

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TWS Subject Matter Expert Computer Graphics and AI


Cool Jellybeans! Project Manager




Tiered World Studios


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